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Vintage Recipe Fun!

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I was doing some cleaning, sorting, etc. Time consuming type of cleaning… going through boxes that have been around forever, I didn’t even know what was in them. In fact, I uncovered one large bin (that was taking up valuable real estate) only to find it was broken and completely empty!  That one was an easy fix, just bummed that it’s been there for so long – I’ve since moved to clear bins for my storage needs.

To my delight, I uncovered an old box – it was a very old box.  I first noticed a few letters – they were mostly from my great grandmother to my grandfather.  I was excited to find a paper sack with a letter that said “here are some recipes from your grandmother…”(This would be my great-great grandmother) “…some are over 100 years old, do what you want with them.” Luckily, my grandfather did nothing with them and they have found their way into my hands! 14b5fe4460c3596b14f64c93f3ba5195 Sadly, many of the pages are so fragile they are crumbled and I’m afraid to turn them as they will turn to dust.  There are some pages that are stronger and those gems I’m planning to make to see if they are worth sharing with you!!  I’ve found there are many newspaper clippings and it seems there are some more recent recipes from the 50’s and 60’s as well!

I thought it might be fun to bring you on this journey with me… so buckle up!  I think we are all in for a nice treat!!

See you soon!!



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