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Fat Bottomed Bex is ba-ack!!! With a full semester under my belt and three A’s to my credit! WHEW! It’s no joke going back to school at this point in my life. Not only have I not cooked for you, dear readers, but my poor hubby thinks I’ve forgotten where the kitchen is! LOL So on this my first full day of freedom since August (let’s not talk about Christmas just yet, give me a day or two, ‘kay?) I was determined to post something…ANYTHING…for you! I can’t take credit for this recipe, but it’s one I’ve been wanting to try for a while now from The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond. Her cinnamon rolls were everything they were promised to be. And if you’re not familiar with her, or haven’t tried any of her recipes yet, I highly recommend you take a visit to the country and give these a whirl. They really were so much easier than I expected.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a big yeast user. I buy it with good intentions and then it sits in the fridge until I unearth it a year after it has expired. Poor little dead yeasties. 😦 So to say I was a tad intimidated is fair. But this time I was determined to not send those poor little guys to a chilly death in the back of the refrigerator. I bought a fresh batch and went straight to work. To my delight, I was rewarded with huge, puffy bowls of dough. Woohoo! Surprising how a simple thing like dough rising makes you feel so successful and accomplished, huh? Here’s a peak at how they came out. Not bad, hmmm?


Her recipe makes a REALLY big batch. I ended up with 8 aluminum pie pans with 6 rolls each, a total of 4 dozen. It was a lot of dough to work with at one time. My note to you if you make the whole recipe is plan on splitting the dough into your 2 largest bowls for the rising stage. I’m going to try making just half next time…maybe. We’ve already gobbled up 1 pan, are working on our second at home, and I took 3 pans to school for one of my finals. Three pans managed to make it to the freezer. I’m keeping my fingers crossed they last until Christmas morning.

I did make a few small changes in the icing. I omitted the coffee and I didn’t have any maple extract, so I substituted vanilla, and poured in a couple of tablespoons of pure maple syrup. It seemed a little thick so I added some additional melted butter and a little more whole milk until I got a good consistency. Warning, these rolls are really sweet! If you’ve got a serious sweet tooth you’re gonna be in heaven. Next time around I’m going to experiment a bit, and cut down a little on the sugar inside the rolls and perhaps try some Stevia or Splenda just to see if I can make them a tiny bit less dangerous! Perhaps a cream cheese icing just to see how that works out. But this is just a personal preference, they really are downright wonderful and were so much easier than I thought they were going to be. So don’t be skeered, give ’em a try!

Ree’s Additional Notes on Cinnamon Rolls

Can’t wait to try these in our Cinnamon Roll Me Away Sundae with Praline Icing recipe!

BTW, those close up pictures earlier in the post? Yeah, the pan really looks like this!

Happy Baking my friends!


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Here’s something kind of fun for you!!  This weekend I was talking with a friend of mine and I realized that I hadn’t posted any of our camping recipes yet!!  I thought I’d post a quick one for you today.  Keep in mind that while camping there are times you have to think on the fly… not always prepared with the right sauces or spices we just have to make do… and we sure do!  My sisters and I started to brainstorm and came up with this idea during our second week of our summer camping trip.  The kids were hungry and dinner wasn’t even in the making yet… we started going through our list… there’s cheese sticks (NO!), there’s chips (NO), have an apple (NO)… what about some carrots (NO!)… I’m sure you see where this is going!

So we were searching through our ice chests and our food tent… yes, we have a little tent for our food… don’t laugh until you’ve tried it!!! 🙂  This is what we came up with….

Take a roll of ready made dough… pizza dough would have been perfect, however we were stuck with crescent dough… it worked!

Please forgive our photography… we were camping!! 🙂

Add Papa’s pepperoni‘s that he was saving for a snack later…

Cut cheese stick in half and place onto pepperoni… It would have been really great if we’d had some kind of sauce here…. we didn’t.

We’ll have to plan for these next year!

Cut the dough into sections around your treats.

Roll and place on parchment paper or foil and pop into the oven for about 10 minutes.  Oh… did I mention that we also have a camping oven???

Yep… It’s pretty cool.  We make orange rolls for breakfast and cookies for snacks (when we aren’t in the mood for s’mores!).  Anyway… back to our newest treat…

They come out of the oven all toasty and brown with melty cheese on the inside…

Now doesn’t that just look yummy… for a snack?  I know, it needs a bit of sauce 😦

Here is where I would normally show you a picture of the kids eating and loving the treats we made…. but by the time they were all cooled off and passed out and I scrambled around my tent looking for the camera (I had just put in there)… they had all been eaten!!!  Of course they wanted more… but we didn’t have anymore dough, so we tell them to wait for next year… we’ve promised to add these to our ‘food’ list!  You’ll have lots of Happy Campers when you make these!!

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