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Today I was thinking left-overs for lunch. In the past week we’ve made special tomato and egg tapas for a high school spanish class, spaghetti (requested by all of the kids in the family) and a wonderful Cucumber, Avocado salad with Tomato & Cilantro (recipe to post soon).  I had a variety of food left over – or so I thought.  When I opened the fridge to find out what I was going to have for lunch, I found that it had mostly been devoured and there was nothing left!!  What a great problem to have!!

What I found was a couple of hard boiled eggs, tomatoes & an avocado.


See above where the stem of the Avocado was removed…

Given the ingredients, I had a few choices.  I could open a can of garbanzo beans and make an avocado hummus or cook some bacon and have a BLTA sandwich (both which just seemed like too much work).  I opted for an avocado, egg and tomato sandwich.  It’s as easy as it sounds… just chop up some hard-boiled eggs & mash in some avocado with a little salt and pepper!  I added some sliced tomato and called it lunch!

Now… for some reason, I thought this mixture needed a spoonful of mayo, but next time I will leave it out.  It did nothing for the flavor and who needs the extra added fat???  The avocado added all the ‘good’ fat that was needed.

Now let me share with you a little tip about your Avocado!!  In the past, I’ve had hit and miss luck with picking ‘good’ avocados.  Last year, I read somewhere that to determine if an avocado is turning brown on the inside you need to remove the little stem at the narrow end of it.  See in the photo how the color under the stem is nice and bright green?  If it it brown or any color but green, it’s not good.  I’ve found plenty of brown under those little stems I’ve removed but just passed them by and looked for the green.  I’ve not had a bad avocado since learning this trick!!  Try it!!

Have a great Day!!  Tee


Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!!




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IMG_5006We’ve decided this is it!!  It’s time to revive our idea.  It may have changed a little, it may have not.  Cooking blogs and shows have really taken off over the past 5 years and our little blog is not meant to compete with any of them!! We are no Pioneer Woman (boy, hasn’t her career taken off!) or Rachael Ray. You will not find anything professionally done here.  HA!  I’m making this sound like a place you’ll want to come back to over and over!!

What you will find is this… ideas for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and a dessert or two.  Just friends, best friends, sharing with each other and providing helpful tips and tricks.  Oh…. and maybe just a little bit of sarcasm here and there.  Sorry, just can’t help it… it’s who we are!!

Some of our recipes will be full fat with full flavor thrown in.  Sometimes we will (or have) only been able to think about bacon and everything we seem to post will include it!  Some of our recipes are our own or have been passed down from our mom’s and grandma’s.  Other times we will try one of Ree’s and give it our full ‘two thumbs up’ approval and share it.

We are also about being healthy!  Hey, we have kids & grandkids to think about… lol!  We will be adding low fat, gluten free and diabetic recipes to this little blog.  Feel free to come back and take a look, share our passion, hear our rantings and try the recipes that sound good to you.

If nothing else, it should be good for a laugh!!





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